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Since Thucydides History of the Peloponnesian War, we as members of the armed forces have told stories in one variety or the other. The stories we have told can and should be our expression of humanity, of our desire for meaning and reveal a deeper understanding of what selfless service in the military really is. In today’s world, a story cannot be contained on just a piece of paper, or a fading memory. Modern technology allows us to capture all forms of storytelling in ways that were previously impossible. Storytelling is an art form, an ideal, and a belief - that must be shared from person to person. The story. It is a human right and a concept that we must protect, preserve, cherish and most importantly share. 

Stories are alive. Like anything truly priceless, it is personal, nuanced, complex and unique. There are many ways in which people tell stories, such as the audio interview with SGT Jeppson a World War I infantryman who spent 17 days straight patrolling no-man’s land, or Airman Robertson’s diary of being a WWII B-17 door-gunner over the skies of Germany, or the video interview SPC Walker, a Ranger and veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom, to SGT Blum’s painting of a swamp patrol in Vietnam, or the solitude I found in taking pictures during the invasion of Iraq, we all have our own creative way of telling our stories. The Frontlines encompasses all forms of storytelling by utilizing social media in order to allow individuals to share their stories either publicly or privately amongst their families or friends. How and when you choose to tell your story is entirely up to you, but with less than 1% serving in our military today if you don't share your story who will?