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There is something about standing in front of the Vietnam Memorial wall that is unlike any experience that I have known. While not a Vietnam veteran I can only relate in what I have read or heard. Seeing both my Uncle and Dad cry at the wall as they found the names of their friends is a solemn reminder of how we are all connected. It is because of this experience and my work on creating The Frontlines that I want to create "The Wall". Not a physcial wall, or targeted toward a specific war, but a technological rememberance �to all of those that have served and made the ultimate sacrifice...and if able to expand to all those that have served. This Wall wil be visible to anyone with an Internet connection and show the "social" connections amongst us all. This will of coursel be an immense fake rolex project and those wishing to volunteer or donate to it would be very much appreciated. If you'd like to learn more please contact me thank you.

very respectfully,

The Warrant